Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Join Hope For Nashville this Sunday, Oct 5th!!

For our 3rd annual Information Fair after 1st and before 2nd service in the Lobby. We will have information and food to learn more about Hope For Nashville and ways that we as a church can partner together and demonstrate the Hope of God's love to our community!

If you can't answer these questions, you need to come by and learn more.

Q. What is Hope for Nashville?

Q. Can you name 3 of the 9 partner ministries that WECC supports, through Hope for Nashville?

Q. Can you name any of the events WECC has sponsored, to support our Hope for Nashville partners?

Q. Name one way that YOU can get involved with Hope for Nashville.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Peru Follow-up

Every mission team always has the best of intentions to update our blog more often, but tiredness and lack of internet always puts a cramp in our plans! That being said, the Peru mission trip was our 3rd straight year to go and serve in conjunction with Scripture Union. It was our 2nd year in the region of Cusco.

Of our 11 member team, 6 of us were returning. It was a lovely reunion to see all of our friends and the boys from the year before. One of the things that I love about going on a mission trip is the opportunity to worship God with people in a different cultural setting. Singing worship songs in Spanish surrounded by your Peruvian brothers and sisters, is a worship experience never to be forgotten. Worshiping God becomes very practical when it involves mud and construction and loving boys.

What a privilege we have to serve and worship the Lord through service!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

peru update

the team of 11 has arrived in peru safe and sound after 36 hours of not in a place to sleep, we were all thankful for bed last night. we are on our way to church with the boys from the home, and tomorrow the hard work will begin.

please continue to pray for our safety and our health and that God would use us to his glory.